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 Creating a RPG Topic

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PostSubject: Creating a RPG Topic   Creating a RPG Topic Icon_minitimeWed 24 Jul - 2:15

If you want to create/join a new Role Playing Game, there are a set of rules to follow:

1. For campaigns, the Game Master/Dungeon Master (GM/DM) must create ONE topic in the Open Games sub-forum; for "oneshots" or really small adventures, create it inside the Short Adventures sub-forum. The topic title must have the name of the system surrounded by brackets and the roleplay title, e.g "[Pathfinder] We Be Goblins" or "[Systemless] The System".

2. The first post must state what the RPG is about and if it is accepting new players. If so, it may also display what is needed for them to join the game (such as ask the GM for permission, or be familiar with Pathfinder RP system, etc). It may also be used to give important warnings to the players and providing links to useful resources.

3. The second post must contain the House Rules (GM's personal rules, e.g classes and races allowed) being used, the Dice Roll Option and possible tips for the characters, including motivations.

4. The third post should display the players characters basic info, e.g:
Quote :
Player: Player name

PC: Character name
Physical Description: Hair color, prominent features, etc
Background: A short backstory
Character Sheet: Link to forum sheet or sites like Mythweavers

Of all those fields, only the "Player" and "PC" are by default not optional (the DM may have all of them obligatory). Additionally, the DM may use this post to also list all important NPCs (DM's characters) that already appeared on the history, as to minimize the need to describe them to new players. Also, the use of images/photos/videos to enhance description is highly recommended!

Notice that while the GM have to know every character's secrets/quarks, the basic info may only inform what's apparent on the characters surface. Any additional info is encouraged to be shared/displayed during the course of the game - as long as the GM is aware that it exists, there shouldn't be any problems.

5. Regarding the Dice Roll Option, there are two ways of rolling dice:
Via REPLY button: Just below the "Send" button, there is a tab called "Dice". There you may specify which dices are you rolling and how many. The dices will be automatic rolled via a post from "Dice Master". Tough not actually organized, this is the most secure way to roll the dice, as the player cannot edit the message or re-roll the numbers.
Via CODE: Simply write [roll= name_of_dice ]NumberOfDice[/ roll] (no spaces) e.g.: [roll=D17 ]2[/ roll] would roll the dice D17 twice. This generates a random dice roll on the user post that looks more "natural", but may be edited by the player.

The way players need to roll the dice must be specified by the DM on the second post of the topic.

6. As for posts content/appearance:
- Keep font size between 10-14(pt) for regular texts, and 16-18(pt) for titles and short warnings.
- Avoid yellow, cyan and lime colors for characters posts, as they're too bright and may give some users headaches. Also avoid dark colors as they won't show off in the dark background we use for the forum's layout. The forum works with hexadecimal coloring system, so if you're looking for an unused color, just ask one of the moderators for help.
- Moderators may edit posts appearance, change content position and fix code tags with no previous notice in order to maintain the topic intelligible. However, we won't fix spelling/grammar mistakes or any other before contact the post original creator.

7. Breaking any of the forum rules may result in deleted/edited post before contacting the author.

8. Admins may tweak or change these rules in the future. We'll do our best to let everyone knows when that happens! Smile
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Creating a RPG Topic
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