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 Where to? - Forum Breakdown

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Where to? - Forum Breakdown Empty
PostSubject: Where to? - Forum Breakdown   Where to? - Forum Breakdown Icon_minitimeFri 18 Jul - 19:12

So, you're new at the forums and have no idea where to go now? Not a problem!

Here's an overview that might help you:

First, introduce your self!
At the Meet Reanna! category, the Pleased to meet you sub-forum is the place to go. There you can introduce yourself, talk about things you like and who now, make some new friends!

Take some time to look at the other topics in this sub-forum, as there are some pretty nifty things to help you Smile

Now, time to look for a roleplay game!
The Adventure's Headquarters is the first place you want to check. There you can find other members looking to team up for adventures, or look for a group yourself.
You can also go straight to the source, in the Roleplay category. Quick games can be found under the Short Adventures forum, and long-term adventures are under the Open Games sub-forum, inside the Campaigns forum.

All set? Then let's have fun!
The City Square has other two places where you can hang out: if you're looking to chat about your RP, have character ideas or discuss about anything else, the Ol' Generic Tavern is the place you're looking for; but if you're more interested in loose up and play silly games, the Playground is your next stop.  

Now that you're relaxed, how about some info?
The RPG Discussion category is a nice place to start. There you can find tips and information about many subjects related to Gamemastering and RP Systems, or share your own ideas.

Any more questions?
Then don't be shy and head off to the Fortune-Teller's Tent, where you can ask anything and we'll do our best to hep you out.

Well, hopefully this post covers the basics. If you have any extra questions, don't forget you can always ask the mods as well!
Have fun, and welcome to Reanna Roleplay Forum.
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Where to? - Forum Breakdown
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