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 Rules for OOC topics

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Rules for OOC topics Empty
PostSubject: Rules for OOC topics   Rules for OOC topics Icon_minitimeSat 16 Jul - 15:45

Sometimes is hard to control the urge to fill the RP topics with personal comments, being it legitimate questions or just funny momentary jokes.
Luckily, you can now count with Out Of Character (OOC) forum for all your expression needs! : D


1. 1 topic per game, please. You're free to organize posts in how ever fashion you desire, but you cannot have more then one topic for the same game/party combo;
2. Regular forum rules apply in here, and remember to keep things safe for work Wink;
3. Fell free to chat about whatever you want, but try to stick to the game's theme. If you're just looking to have some random fun, try the Ol' Generic Tavern.
4. All topics must be started by the GM, and must contain exactly the same title as the game topic with "OOC" or "OCC" added in the end;
5. DO NOT POST ON A TOPIC unless you have explicit permission of the GM to do so. This doesn't apply to current game players/party, but must be followed by players who are no longer recognized by the GM as part of the game (IE: absent players cut out, players who left by their own will etc);
6. Any in-character actions/comments/etc posted on the OOC topics won't be valid unless you post on the regular game topic and under the character posting rules, so you're free to brainstorming without fear of the consequences.
7. Try to not forget to post on the game! OOCs are great, but the game is even better Wink
8. These rules can be changed at any time by the GMs, and we'll do our best to let everyone know when that happens.


Got any more questions? Ask us by commenting on this topic or PMing Raxiell <3
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Rules for OOC topics
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