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 The Big Rules

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PostSubject: The Big Rules   The Big Rules Icon_minitimeTue 13 May - 15:23

This forum abides by the default forumotion rules, which you can find in this link: click!.
Common sense is generally a good thing, so having some is probably the golden rule.

Furthermore, for roleplaying (and other activities), things go usually like this:

1. Every game must be inside its specific forum, as described in the Creating a RPG Topic.

2. It is not allowed explicit sexual content roleplaying in-forum. If you find yourself wanting to do it, you should invite the other interested player to solve the scene in private messages, only posting the parts or conclusion that are relevant to the story.

3. You shall not flame nor BR too much.

4. Posts inside the Roleplaying topics should be In-Character. For commentaries and conversations off-character inside the roleplaying topics, please surround the off-character part with double parentheses.

5. Please, avoid off-game chatting on the topic. While it's ok to post off-character explanations in roleplay posts (and sometimes by themselves), too much chatting make the history hard to follow.

6. Keep your roleplay combat actions between 6 and 10 seconds. Every character is strong, so if you're going to do something that lasts more than that, there are tons of ways to disrupt you.

7. Only the Game Masters can force your character reaction (as in 'X strikes and it hits you, and you feel pain'). Players actions may be dodged, avoided or countered by other players, so always leave your action open (as in 'X attacks you').

8. When creating a character, be sure to give it bad qualities too! This makes the character more human, thus more enjoyable to interact with.

9. Breaking up any of these rules will result in posts edited/removed without notice. Keep doing that frequently and you will be permanently removed from the forum.

10. Admins may tweak or change these rules in the future. We'll do our best to let everyone knows when that happens! Smile
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The Big Rules
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